Clock Rewinders #20

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The Past Week at Once Upon A Time
Around The Blogosphere
  • Karina’s review of Slated opened my eyes to the book and convinced me to stick it on my books most wanted wishlist.
  • Exciting news for Discworld fans about Sir Pratchett handing the reigns over to his daughter, Rianna, when the time comes. At least we know this beloved series will remain in good hands.
Not Quite The Blogosphere
  • Angelfall by Susan Ee (which I still really need to get my hands on) has been picked up by Sam Raimi and Good Universe!
  • And I found out this week that apparently they’ve removed Santa’s pipe from a modern version of The Night Before Christmas. As anti-smoking as I am.. you can’t do that to Santa!! D:
My Week

I’ve been trying to get out of the flat a little more this week in an effort to battle my depression. Fresh air and a bit of exercise, after all, is supposed to work wonders. It might only mean going to the shops with Dan, but it’s a start.

Sunday we all went for an Indian all you can eat which was delicious as always. I can’t lie, I was a little nervous walking in and seeing two policemen stood there in full uniform but apparently they were just getting some food. Never really think of policemen as needing to eat on the job, funny really.

Friday we went for a coffee and a friend was in a mood because she’d been stood up when she’d taken the day off to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 so despite my ‘meh’ about this particular film series, I went with her. The film itself was pretty bad but we had a good time. Listened to some 90s music from our childhood on an oold cd I found on the car journey and had a chat over Frankie & Benny’s. It was fun. And as it took some effort to get my car started when we were leaving (the battery was completely drained and Matty managed to find a neighbour willing to help with some jump start cables), my dad called me yesterday to tell me he’s ordered me a battery starter pack so if it happens again I won’t even need another car! Yay.

Am Writing

Not so much. But I have finally got a vague idea for a book series!! EXCITING!! It’s urban fantasy. Just working out how the story will go, what the world is like, who the characters are and how to make it stand out. So basically, planning and plotting. But the fact that I have an idea is enough to send me mental. Very excited. Might even be able to do some live action research! This you’ll hear about if it happens.

Search Terms
  • what color rhiannon frater husband – I don’t think I need to comment on this one.. the fuck..
  • rat lolcat – I think you mean lolrat
  • what is forced writing – Never heard of it but it sounds frightening.
What Am I Reading?

Finished: My Soul to Steal, If I Die, Never To Sleep, and Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent
Started: Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine
What Next? I don’t know! I feel I should get back to my Christmas chick lits but they’re so daunting I highly doubt I’d enjoy them now. Sigh. Likely a review book though!


Reasons to love publicists. Ally from Simon & Schuster went to the effort of wrapping blogger’s copies of The First Last Kiss which I thought was amazing! And I’m totally recycling the ribbon.. bookmarks maybe? And the press stuff that came along with the farm including evacuation orders is just fantastic.

Quuite a few in the past week. *points and jumps up and down excitedly* The Farm and Echo were completely unexpected but not a single one there doesn’t make me gleeful. Will definitely make an effort to get to all of these very soon.. including Fated which I still haven’t read and really should before Echo.

Two from Edelweiss – *glares at Karina*, two purchased – Never to Sleep was 94p and in my Soul Screamers haze I needed it and You Had Me at Hello was 99p, one for review from the author – Deluge is book two in a series, book one to be reviewed soon, and three freebies. Definitely some excitement on the Kindle as well! Even if the wireless suddenly won’t work but thank god for USB transfers.


  1. Don’t you glare at me, girl! :) I’m totally jealous of your TBR! Lovely lovely reads! Especially Chantress and A Conspiracy of Alchemists! You know that Slated is on Netgalley/Edelweiss too, right? RIGHT?!
    kara-karina’s most recent post ..Book Buying Ban week #15 OR in other words, we are almost there!

    • Yes, they were your fault. xD I saw, I needed, I requested. >.> Both sound AMAZING. Was declined for Poison but I’ll wishlist it when I can.
      I didn’t! But perhaps that’s where I saw it. It’s also released now so mebbe I’ll make a purchase.. or not.. I don’t know.
      Hannah’s most recent post ..Clock Rewinders #20

  2. Glad you’re getting out! I know that running (when I actually DO it) does a lot for my mental health. Also: yay for new series ideas! :)
    Amanda @ On a Book Bender’s most recent post ..Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge [77]

  3. I was all jealous about the gift wrapped books until I remembered I had a signed copy instead. Lovely touch. Lots of people getting The Farm this week and your press pack has got me intrigued!
    Ellie Warren’s most recent post ..Incoming!

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