Cover Lover #11

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The Declaration trilogy has a new set of covers and I love them. Very much in the same vein as The Hunger Games covers and even going so far as to say “Before The Hunger Games, there was… The Declaration” which actually I can see the point in. The Hunger Games is huge, especially since the movie. It’s good enough to grab the Hunger Games fans whilst also heralding it as its’ own thing. The covers most definitely have a Hunger Games feel to them but I much prefer these ones. The colours and simple graphics used really catch my eye. I can’t wait to read this trilogy.



The Declaration:

It’s the year 2140 and Longevity drugs have all but eradicated old age. A never-aging society can’t sustain population growth… which means Anna should never have been born. Nor should any of the children she lives with at Grange Hall. The facility is full of boys and girls whose parents chose to have kids–called surpluses–despite a law forbidding them from doing so. These children are raised as servants, and brought up to believe they must atone for their very existence. Then one day a boy named Peter appears at the Hall, bringing with him news of the world outside, a place where people are starting to say that Longevity is bad, and that maybe people shouldn’t live forever. Peter begs Anna to escape with him, but Anna’s not sure who to trust: the strange new boy whose version of life sounds like a dangerous fairy tale, or the familiar walls of Grange Hall and the head mistress who has controlled her every waking thought?

Chilling, poignant, and endlessly though-provoking, The Declaration is a powerful debut that will have readers agonizing over Anna’s fate until the very last page.

What do you think? Too Hunger Games or just enough? Too swirly, perhaps? ;)


  1. I love the colours! And you’re right about the simple graphics – quiet eye-catching.
    Btw, your currently reading pic made me giggle. I hope you found something fun to get you out of your slump!
    Angelya’s most recent post ..Cover Lover: The Hobbit

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