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I see that author vs. reviewer drama is still a thing. I can’t imagine it stopping until public reviewing goes out of vogue but hey ho, there we are. And as the vast majority of bloggers seem to be highly against authors commenting on reviews and comments of their own books, which is their prerogative and it’s worth remembering that many won’t appreciate the feedback. So I feel it important to tell you: Authors. You are welcome here.

Of course, if you’re a dick, that won’t stand. But that goes for any commenter and really, it should go without saying. But this is a public space and I’m a firm believer in freedom of discussion in public places. If you wish to tell me you liked my review, or correct me on a misunderstood fact, or just have a little discussion, please do so. I love discussion. I love getting my facts right. I love hearing that my words are enjoyed or at least appreciated. It is why I’m still book blogging after all this time and all of the irritating mental health issues.

In return, I promise to never be snarky and/or nasty about your work. I understand that you put a lot of time, care, and love into your stories and it is not at all easy to get them down, polished up, and picked up for publishing, and I’d hate to hurt anybody’s feelings. That’s not to say I will never highlight any criticisms I have but they will always be constructive. This is the kind of space I have here.

Now, if somebody could make an ‘Authors Welcome’ version of the ‘Santa, please stop here’ signs, that would be great! ;)


  1. Funny that you posted this, as I got my very first negative review yesterday and actually wrote a blog post about it (you didn’t read it, did you?)

    Overall I’m relieved to finally have a negative review. It was sort of like a right of passage, meaning that my book has finally been put to the fire and has come out relatively unblemished (1 bad review compared to 50+ good and great reviews seems okay to me). I responded to the review, not in any derogatory or “not-uh” kind of way, and even offered the reviewer the chance to contact me directly to expand on their criticism so I could, hopefully, improve my further writings. Can’t please everyone, I know this, but taking criticism as a means to make yourself better is something every Author should embrace.
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    • I did not. :) There’s been a little drama/discussion recently on the topic, so I wanted to just state my openness because it’s something that is so difficult for an author to know.

      And it is, definitely. But it goes both ways. As authors shouldn’t get snarky and nasty, neither should bloggers. I suppose these are the issues when dealing with people. You can’t please everybody, everybody has their own ideas on what is polite and what isn’t, and some think snark is okay. Just the way it is I suppose.

      I just wonder what authors really think of bloggers when all these rules and things pop up.
      Hannah’s most recent post ..Authors? You Are Welcome Here

  2. I try and be polite but I do bristle a little bit internally when an author feels they have to explain something I didn’t like or understand. They should be doing that in the book! It always feels bit like they’re saying it’s my fault I didn’t like that bit because I’m not a mind-reader. I’d prefer they acknowledged that maybe they could have done it better but they meant it x way. Books are so subjective it’s best not to try and correct an opinion that is already formed.

    I think authors do need to stay away from blogs that are consistently snarky/mean about books. If just for their own sanity. I don’t even comment on those blogs myself as there is too much likelihood that you’ll say the wrong thing in the wrong way and get jumped on!
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    • I think the best way I’ve heard it explained is that once an author’s book goes out into the world, it is no longer their book but the reader’s. :) That being said, there’s no reason an author can’t have their say. Sure, some consider it impolite and that’s fine, but it rubs me the wrong way when it’s put forward that ALL bloggers dislike author comments, you know?

      Definitely. And follow @dontreadcomments ;) I’m not keen on people who feel it necessary to be mean/snarky, it just feels pointless.. like those people who’d rather find things to complain about than smile about. I’ll stick with the friendly, fun bloggers thanks very much! :)
      Hannah’s most recent post ..Authors? You Are Welcome Here

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