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Yeah, yeah, I know we say tig not tag, but hey ho. Jody at A Spoonful of Happy Endings tagged me and while I’ve been busy working, complaining about being achey, and watching Richard Curtis films so that I understand From Notting Hill With Love.. Actually a little better (and no endings are spoiled!), I’ve obviously not got it done and I adore being tagged in silly things so here it is:


1. As I haven’t been able to read lately, I’ve been doing a lot of starting and stopping. Never the book’s fault but there are many many unfinished books there sadly.

2. My guilty pleasure.. you know.. I used to say that chick lit was my guilty pleasure until it dawned on me that I really didn’t feel at all guilty about it. I enjoy what I enjoy and there’s no need for guilt there!

3. Hmmm.. Fifty Shades count? I’ve never read it. But I know enough to know that I would rather not go near it. Not against erotica, just E.L. James’ writing.

4. I loved Jody’s answer of popping a book in the sea message-in-a-bottle style for others to enjoy, but I shan’t steal it. Instead.. Ack! I don’t know! I just hate littering and I couldn’t bare to litter the ocean with terrible fiction.

5. I don’t reread, purely because there’s too much new stuff out there to discover, but perhaps Harry Potter because come on. Harry Potter.

6. Fifty Shades. Seriously. Just don’t. I’m not against book burning when it comes down to things like this.

7. I’m being a bit crap with these questions aren’t I! I just couldn’t answer this one properly. I couldn’t live without books in general, nothing specific, as long as there are lovely books.

8. Urr.. whatsit.. Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley? We had to read it for A level English Lit and it was horrible. So much that when Dan needed something to prop up a wonky chair, I pleaded with him to destroy it. I’m gleeful at how trashed it has become.

9. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Seriously. All the feels.

10. I don’t tend to hate book covers, I just prefer some over others. Like.. I prefer the US cover of Stormdancer, the UK cover of The City’s Son, and so on.

Right. So. I have to tag 5 more people so..

  1. Hanna @ Booking In Heels
  2. Charlotte @ Lit Addicted Brit
  3. Celine @ Nyx Book Reviews
  4. Ellie @ Curiosity Killed the Bookworm
  5. Shirley @ Creative Deeds

And the rules are thus:

Answer these questions truthfully.
Once you’ve completed this tag, tag 5 other book bloggers to answer these questions next.


  1. Can I steal this one?! So I could do it at some point on my blog! :P

  2. HA! I’d have said the exact same thing for question #3. *shudders*
    Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea’s most recent post ..A to Z Bookish Survey!

  3. I think I’ll be rubbish with answering these too…there’s a lot of hate there!
    Ellie’s most recent post ..All is Fair


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